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carb and fat blocker

With so many weight loss supplement makers stating unsupported claims, it is expected to question the effectiveness of supplements you encounter. Weight loss, blocker-type supplements prevent the body from absorbing fat or carbohydrates, to promote weight loss through a reduction in calories.

Even though you might find a variety of formulas and substances marketed as a carb and fat blockers that work, only one certain fat blocker and one certain carb-blocking substance tends to work. Never consume a carb and fat blocker without talking to your physician first — it might have dangerous side effects, which include severe effects if you suffer with an underlying health condition.

Orlistat: Effective Fat Blockers that Work

If you want to implement a fat blocker within your weight loss program, the best choice is Orlistat. Marketed beneath the names Xenical and Alli, Orlistat is the only over-the-counter, FDA-approved fat blocker. It’ll block some of the fat consumed, so that rather than absorbing it, the body will excrete it as waste. Orlistat inhibits intestinal enzymes referred to as lipases, whose duty it is to break fat down. When originally approved in February 2007, a Fox News post claimed that Orlistat blocks 25% of the fat you eat. The Alli website today reports that Alli may help you drop an extra pound for every 2 lbs. you lose.

White Kidney Bean Extract: Effective Carb Blocker

best carb and fat blocker

Supplement makers market numerous formulas and substances as carb blockers, yet the only one that has any scientific support is the extract of white kidney beans. White kidney bean extract has a substance which decreases starch absorption, which has been tested in a number of studies, according to a clinical review published within the “Nutrition Journal” 2007 issue. Scientists write that a certain white kidney bean item referred to as Phase 2 Carb Controller is proven to efficiently cause weight loss at the manufacturer’s suggested doses. Additionally, Phase 2 Carb Controllers assists in preventing spikes in blood sugar after a meal.

Carb and Fat Blocker Precautions and Side Effects

By nature, all supplements that alter how the body functions may cause side effects, and a carb and fat blocker is no exception. Carb blockers might produce mild gastrointestinal side effects and might decrease blood sugar — something to be on the lookout for if you suffer diabetes.

A fat blocker might cause gastrointestinal problems like increased bowel movements, gas, oily discharge, oily stools, and oily spotting of the undergarments. It’s because some of the fat consumed passes through the body undigested. If those side effects become excessive, it might mean you must lower your fat consumption.

If you ingest fat-soluble vitamins, like vitamin D, consume them between main meals, as a fat blocker reduces the body’s capability of digesting fat-soluble vitamins.

A carb and fat blocker might have some unintended consequences, this is why we always suggest consulting your doctor or nutritionist.

Long-Term Maintenance of Weight

A carb and fat blocker might be good to start your journey but sustaining a healthy weight over a long period of time boils down to consuming a nutritionally balanced diet. As you are making choices about food, first consider nutrition. Ask yourself whether that food is dense in nutrients — and if not – think about a healthier selection.

One great way to begin to wean off of a carb and fat blocker is to practice the mindset “this instead of that” to assist in evaluating your choices of food. If you are craving French fries, instead, have oven-baked, crispy sweet potato wedges. As your sweet tooth kicks in, rather than grabbing the ice cream out of the freezer, have a frozen blended smoothie that contains your favorite fruit. If you usually reach for pizza as your comfort food, stuff a few portobello mushrooms with yummy toppings like tomato sauce, reduced-fat mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach. Make snack time a lot healthier by eating low-fat yogurt with some almonds — instead of, for instance, reaching for a donut.

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