10 of the Best Maternity Leggings That’ll Solve Your Growing Concerns About Stretchy Pants


If living in leggings was a passion pre-pregnancy, it’s definitely going to be a lewk during your time growing another person. Aside from sweats, no pants are more comfortable. But, even though the waistband of regular stretchy pants is rather generous, soon enough you may actually need some solid maternity leggings. Why? It all comes down to this: You’re just not dealing with the same body anymore.

It is no doubt a beautiful body, like don’t diminish your personal maternal glow. But it’s going to potentially require more from a pair of performance tights than a pocket to stash your phone or credit card. Then there’s the whole, your-stomach-needs-to-accommodate-a-small-human thing, which will eventually push most normal waistbands to their limits when it comes to comfort and support.

Of course, being comfortable means different things to different people. For some, materials that compress will make you feel secure. Others want a simple, soft cotton blend for everyday wear. And the will-be mom who plans to keep working out? You’re gonna need a fabric that can handle a bit of sweat. The good news? Options for all of the above scenarios exist. Scroll down to find leggings that’ll help smooth over this whole pregnancy thing.

The must-have leggings for all your mom-to-be needs

1. Best maternity leggings for tired legs: A Pea in the Pod Maternity Compression Leggings, $45

The swollen ankle struggle is real when you’re on the road to Baby Town. A Pea in the Pod’s leggings can help provide belly-to-toe (well, belly to ankle) support for your tired gams. They help improve circulation and contour your body so you’re feeling confident.

Shop Now: A Pea in the Pod Maternity Compression Leggings, $45

2. Best maternity leggings for matching sets: Girlfriend Collective Plum Maternity Legging, $88

Feeling incapable of putting together outfits because of pregnancy brain? Check out Girlfriend Collective’s pair-able athleisure. Plum doesn’t have to be your go-to color, these leggings and coordinating sports bra comes in four other colors including, you know…black. Whatever hue suits you, we high-key recommend grabbing a sturdy-yet-comfy Simone Bra ($48) or Ellie Clip Nursing Bra ($48) for down the line.

Shop Now: Girlfriend Collective Plum Maternity Legging, $88

3. Best maternity leggings for traveling light: Pact Maternity Cropped Pocket Legging, $5

Spring has sprung here which means losing layers to stay cool while things heat up. That’s a little trickier when you’re incubating a person; however, Pact puts out a breathy crop legging made out of 100-percent fair-trade, organic cotton. It’s feel-good on two levels, and hey, pockets!

Shop Now: Pact Maternity Cropped Pocket Legging, $50

4. Best maternity leggings for some prenatal yoga: Reebok Lux Maternity 2 Leggings, $65

You’re still dedicated to doing downward dog in order to retain your sanity—we get it. Trust Reebok’s speedwick fabric to pull sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and dry as you nail those yoga poses. Or at least, you know, try.

Shop Now: Reebok Lux Maternity 2 Leggings, $65

5. Best maternity leggings for bladder problems: Motherfigure Maternity and Postpartum Leakproof Leggings, $88

Something to expect while expecting? A lot of bathroom brakes thanks to your baby pressing on your bladder—and potentially a little pants peeing too; NBD, it’s more normal than you might think. As such, these truly remarkable leakproof leggings are worth the investment. They’re strong, stretchy, and layered with antimicrobial fabrics, so consider them your best friend in case of bathroom emergencies, leakage, or the potential monster period you might experience after childbirth.

Shop Now: Maternity and Postpartum Leakproof Leggings, $88

6. Best maternity leggings for the ultra-active: Seraphine Power Mesh Maternity Leggings, $65

Forget yoga, you haven’t let pregnancy stop you from jogging, cycling, and so on. There are places to go, classes to take! These figure-sculpting leggings can do it all, with a stylish mesh panel flair for extra ventilation. Keep them on your person if you want something that’ll wick away moisture and stop you for overheating during your next sweat sesh.

Shop Now: Seraphine Power Mesh Maternity Leggings, $65

7. Best maternity leggings for big-time bump and back support: Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings, $45

When you get into those later months of your pregnancy you really start to feel it in your core. Before you start going through the growing pains, you might want to grab Blanqi’s innovative leggings. They have an x-shaped back support that’ll reduce lower back pressure, and a built-in anchor to smooth and support your belly.

Shop Now: Blanqi Everyday Maternity Belly Support Leggings, $45

8. Best affordable maternity leggings: Old Navy Full-Panel Jersey Leggings, $17

It’s understandable if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in maternity clothing. If you’re not looking for performance leggings or technical fabrics, you can totally find budget-friendly pairs that’ll fit the bill like this pair that screams “absolute basics” in the best way.

Shop Now: Full-Panel Jersey Leggings, $17

9. Best maternity leggings for keeping fashionable: Spanx Mama Faux Leather Leggings, $110

When social outings require a little extra oomph in the outfit department, Spanx’s seamless pleather leggings provide a perfect contoured fit that’s just begging for a stomach-friendly going out top.

Shop Now: Spanx Mama Faux Leather Leggings, $110

10. Best maternity leggings for post-baby use: Hatch Before, During, and After Legging, $98

True to its name, these legging will be a sure fit even after you give birth (or prior to getting pregnant). That ultra sophisticated high-waist knows how to expand and contract with absolute ease. The waistband is designed to expand with your growing bump as you move through trimesters, and then just roll it down once you’re fully mom-ing it up.

Shop Now: Hatch Before, During, and After Legging, $98

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