31 Things Keeping Us Happy At Home This Spring


Spring is in the air, can you feel it? We couldn’t be more thrilled — if a little wary too. There’s a sense of hope as we enter into spring 2021, but most of us are still spending more time at home than ever before and we’re grasping to find that healthy balance.

Last fall, we ran a piece about the little things keeping us happy at home. We decided to reprise that theme and share this updated version for this season in transition…

Experimental beauty | 2021 is the year of skincare-makeup (read our story about it here). And while we’re definitely embracing a cleaner, easier look, we’re also aware that time at home affords us the ability to experiment. Our faves so far? Wearing this incredibly restorative hair oil in a day-long ponytail on non-Zoom days, the weird Korean sock exfoliators (for the brave), learning to self-tan like a pro, magnetic lashes, and non-toxic press-on nails from Static (yes, really).

While we’re hearing reports that 2020 was a peak year for plastic surgery and other spa procedures, we’re happy just to rediscover out natural hair color and try a few new skincare acids (Naturium has them nailed — and they’re wildly affordable). Beyond that, you might be shocked to learn just how far a little at-home microcurrent can go — try the ZIIP!

Refresh your space | Go ahead and paint a wall or Kon Mari your closet. We love these lime and mineral washes for a modern natural finish on walls. And did you know that Marie Kondo has a collab with the Container Store? Go ahead and get wild with those spring cleaning impulses.

Little details like a new indoor tree, wall mirror to reflect the late afternoon light, or simple pantry detox can make your home feel completely new. West Elm has, perhaps surprisingly, become one of the leading sustainable home goods providers lately — from FSC-Certified and upcycled goods to children’s furniture that is Green Guard certified, it’s great knowing just how quickly green values are catching on with mainstream retailers.

Extension cords + other minute details | I don’t care if your walls are gilded in gold, if you have to bend and strain in a weird way to plug in your phone every night, you may not have worked the kinks out of living well after all. As silly as it sounds, it’s those teensy, annoying, but constant experiences — a bedroom window that leaks light or a hard to reach outlet — that can deflate us every day.

No, these aren’t life’s big battles and that’s why we often ignore them. But the payoff for fixing one of these odd annoyances — the ones deemed too small to address — can have an outsized payoff and be surprisingly dignifying. Give yourself permission to stop and address your smallest personal irks and don’t be surprised at the sense of uplift. Buy that blackout curtain or mini extension cord and watch your spirits soar (lol).

morning luxuries | Our morning routines have everything to do with beverages. Half a lemon juiced with a shot of Pressed’s Wellness Shot is the ultimate morning tonic before coffee — alkalizing, anti-inflammatory and packed with minerals.

A large glass of water alone can do more for our health in the morning than almost any healthy habit. It’s so basic and yet we find ourselves in need of constant reminders. If you’re looking for an instant solution for home water filters,

In our coffee, we love adding Wooden Spoon Herbs Rose Cocoa with shatavari and coconut milk for the most deliciously functional benefits. We’re also wildly impressed with Four Sigmatic’s Focus mushroom blend that will change the game for you during morning email blitzes if you find yourself a little worse for wear.

Great scents | Never underestimate the power of a great scent to transform a room. Just avoid those that lead to allergies and headaches (true story: some fragrances can be truly toxic).

Echoing our commitment to clean beauty, we only feature candles and home products that smell well. Recent favorites that border on obsession include Carrier Freres diffusers (no room for worries over burning candles when we’re overwhelmed — just consistent, intoxicating scent) and low-tech, but high-vibe palo santo sticks. Try leaving a stick of palo santo in your high-traffic bathroom for a room-clearing scent that’s far more chic than a noxious store-bought fragrance.

We’re still talking about loungewear | And you’re still wearing it. While the spring weather has us hopeful that more sundresses await us in the near future, we’re also finding comfort in the loungewear looks we’ve come to love. COS’ organic sweats give us the timeless unisex basics we now crave and Helena Quinn’s silk slipdresses make us feel beautiful at home — even if we’re still technically in PJs. A silk kimono is just as easy to toss on and makes us feel 1000x more put-together!

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