5 Apps That Identify Your Plants and Help You Save Them From the Brink of Death


It doesn’t matter how seasoned you are as a gardener, sometimes you have a dying plant and truly don’t know how to save it. You stare at it hopelessly, wracking your brain for answers: Is it time for a pruning? Am I drowning you in water? Are you getting completely dehydrated from too much sun? If you can’t spot the issue, don’t worry, help is on the way! All you need is to find an app that identifies plants and what they need to truly survive.

Why? Because while gardening is a mentally grounding practice that gets is in touch with the world, technology is still there to smooth over the rough patches. Think of it as a telemedicine treatment for your flora fam. With nary a snap you can find out so much more when it comes to your struggling buds. And whether you’re curious about the general needs of a plant or you need a diagnosis, stat, we have you covered.

Below, five of the best apps that identifies plants and speaks to their needs.

Looking for an app that identifies plants? These can help them truly blossom

1. Vera: Plant Care Made Simple

Vera by plant shop Bloomscape is first on my list because, candidly, it’s what I spend the most time with. When I first gave it a spin my lavender plant was in rough shape, and since then she’s absolutely flourishing (although desperately in need of a pruning). That’s because Vera give you in depth instructions on the care and watering needs of your plant, and when it doubt, you can alway turn to Vera’s Plant Mom Joyce Mast and her Grow-How Team for support!

2. Blossom – Plant Identifier

Blossom has a charming little interface, I feel like it looks straightforward at first blush, but when you scroll down you see that it goes deep. Once you take a snapshot of your plant, it very directly lays out its care level, water requirements, and light requirements. When you do a little digging you get more details on everything from best fertilizing practices to humidity preferences. The latter has been illuminating, by the way, it totally makes sense why my herbs were having some serious winter struggles.

3. PictureThis – Plant Identifier

PictureThis is a rad as hell app for serious nature lovers…or serious plant problems. It’s best feature, beyond a shadow of doubt, is the “diagnose” section. You upload up to three shots of your plants biggest woes, and it’ll tell you straight-up what might be the problem. Still not sure what’s wrong? Don’t worry, there’s an Ask an Expert section to get you a little professional first aid. The only caveat is that PictureThis will cost you, although not much. You get a seven day free trial to decide if the $30 a year price is worth it (and doing the math, that’s less than a latte monthly).

4. NatureID

Plenty of these apps have related content for gardening upkeep, yet I kind of dig NatureIDs explore section the most. It has really simple tips (and even videos!) that can be a boon for absolute beginners. While you’ll get less specific advice for each plant, there’s plenty of valuable reminders and it does offer a pretty detailed history-of each bloom. I just learned a lot about daffodils, so consider this a cool option for someone who is plant curious, gardening curious…but mostly trying to keep a recently gifted potted plant alive.

5. PlantSnap

This is also a decent app when it comes to learning how to grow something in more general terms. PlantSnap teaches you how to grow a plant by focusing on at least five different components. They are: planting, watering, feeding, frost hardiness (that’s a new one) and houseplant care. I can imagine this being a valuable identifier when it comes to finding plants to add to your garden or indoor jungle. If something catches you eye in the wild, PlantSnap will name it and let you know where to buy it. Super easy!

How to pick the best plant for every room in your house:

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