5 Ergonomic Desk Chairs on Sale at Wayfair That Your Back and Budget Will Thank You For


If you’re still working from your bed or couch over a year into working from home, I’d first and foremost like to offer my condolences to your lower back. Second, I’d like to give you a subtle nudge to finally introduce ergonomic seating to your WFH setup. For many companies, working from home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and with the massive Wayfair Way Day sale, there’s no better time to get a proper office chair for your desk.

“The key to finding a good chair is one that has much variability as possible,” says chiropractic physician Kelli Pearson, DC.  “If you are a short person, under 5-foot-4, it’s critical that the seat pan is not too long or otherwise, your feet will simply not hit the floor. If you are sitting at a desk, it’s critical that you can lock the chair back in a vertical position if needed when you are perched on the front of your chair.” An added bonus in a desk chair, says Dr. Pearson, is the ability to lean back and also one that has a bit of lumbar support “as it is not too big and not too high.”

Wayfair Way Day sales include desk chairs that are up to $800 off, allowing you to get a supportive chair that’s affordable. Shop five of the best Wayfair office chairs on sale below.

5 Wayfair office chairs on sale that your back will love

Wayfair office chairs on sale

Williston Forge Albaugh Suede Executive Chair — $200.00

This gorgeous faux leather desk chair swivels, rolls, and tilts. It is complete with lumbar support and the ability to adjust the angle of the back. It comes in light brown (pictured), dark brown, and dark gray.

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Wayfair office chairs on sale

Zipcode Design Billups Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair — $179.00

Save over $200 on this traditional office chair by Zipcode Design. It offers lumbar support, back angle adjustment, and tilts. With a black frame, the chair comes in dark gray (pictured), black, blue, gray, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow. The frame comes in black or white. Black, blue, and dark gray are also available with a white frame.

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Wayfair office chairs on sale

Willa Arlo Interiors Turbeville Task Chair — $200.00

This chair by Willa Arlo Interiors combines a sleep aesthetic with ergonomic support. It tilts back and also provides lumbar support. It’s available in black (pictured), saddle, cream, navy, and white.

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The Twillery Co. Abigail Home Office High Back Ergonomic Gaming Chair — $170.00

This Twillery Co. office chair is complete with a headrest to provide neck support. It also tilts and offers lumbar support, back angle adjustment, seat angle adjustment, and adjustable armrests. This chair is available in gray (pictured), black, red, and blue.

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Bush Business Furniture Modelo High Back Executive Chair — $220.00

Save over $800 on this pretty chair from Bush Business Furniture. Originally $1,105, this desk chair is upholstered in a mix of bonded leather (scrap leather mixed with polyurethane) and faux leather. The seat depth and angle are adjustable. It also tilts and provides lumbar support.

While you wait for your chair to arrive, try this guided stretch for back pain:

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