5 Super-Extra Showerheads That Give Your Suds Session a Techy Twist


In 2020, our homes have had to become all things for us. Our kitchens are now restaurants, our living rooms are now movie theaters, our bedrooms are, in some cases, now also offices, and our bathrooms are about as close as many of us can get to a spa. As such, it’s made sense to upgrade these spaces in little ways, so as to be able to trick ourselves into envisioning them as we wish them to be versus how they really are. One such enhancement that will specifically upgrade your makeshift, sanity-saving spa experience is a fancy showerhead that can do things your boring old H2O-spouting one cannot.

You might be wondering what, exactly, it is that your shower head needs to be doing that it is not currently, but trust me, there are things. Below, five extra versions that’ll give your next bathing session a little extra oomph.

1. MOEN Aromatherapy Combination Hand Shower with INLY, $165

Photo: MOEN

Science says aromatherapy has legit benefits when it comes to our mental wellbeing, so infusing your shower spray with scents is a no-brainer way to level up your a.m. or p.m. suds sesh. This showerhead from MOEN includes INLY aromatherapy pods that are easily inserted to infuse your indoor rain with one of four aromas: Zen Time, which is a lavender scent; Tropical Day, which is more… tropical; Energetic Morning, which is a pine scent; and Sweet Morning, which is a berry scent. Plus, this version has a hand piece for those, ahem, hard to reach places (just in case your trip to the tropics gets a bit steamy).

Shop now: MOEN Aromatherapy Combination Hand Shower with INLY, $165

2. Kohler Moxie Smart Shower Speaker, $309

Photo: Kohler

No matter which method I use to blast music into the bathroom while I’m showering, it always ends up muffled out by the curtain, and you know, the water itself. This ingenious invention brings the speaker as close as it can possibly get to your ears while delivering high-quality sound there’s literally no other way you’d be able to duplicate. It’s wireless and works via Bluetooth, so you can pair whichever device you’d like to it in order to cry along to Taylor Swift or the morning news, depending upon your preference. Or you could do like I do and start every morning with “Hold On” by Wilson Philips which, I gotta tell you, is the most underrated mental health hack of all time. The coolest part is that the speaker actually detaches so you can use it in places beyond your shower—like, a socially-distanced backyard hang, or the park, or… that’s it because you really shouldn’t be going anywhere else right now.

Shop now: Kohler Moxie Smart Shower Speaker, $309

3. Waterpik PowerPulse Massage Dual Shower System, $50

Photo: Waterpik

I think about professional massages all the time now. I got one right before the world shut down and the last thing the masseuse said to my ex-boyfriend before we left the spa was: “Erin needs many massages, she’s very tense.” Since then, I have had exactly zero massages, and if she thought I was very tense back in March (what on Earth did we worry about back then?!), she should see my shoulders now. All of which is to say that a shower that doubles as a masseuse is not exactly as good as having a real-life human dig into your back, but it’s the next best thing.

Shop now: Waterpik PowerPulse Massage Dual Shower System, $50

4. Saeuwtowy Rainfall LED High-Pressure Showerhead, $82

Photo: Saeuwtowy

Okay, so these LED light showers aren’t my particular cup of tea, but I’m a bit old to miss clubbing. Maybe you aren’t, and all you want in life right now is to feel as though you’re at some trendy nightspot sweating with strangers and if that’s the case, I think an LED showerhead might be just the ticket. IMO, this one has a particularly festive atmosphere due to the rainfall effect. I wouldn’t mind standing under it when the ball drops this December 31 for the party vibes mixed with the washing away of an entire span of 365 days that I never want to think about again. And IDK, it could be kinda sexy? When the water gets really hot, it turns red (“light, special”)!

Shop now: Saeuwtowy Rainfall LED High-Pressure Showerhead, $82

5. Nebia by Moen Rainshower, $380

Photo: Moen

Hello, my eco-conscious friends! This is the showerhead for you. While it may not offer the flashy bells and whistles found on some of the others on this list, what it does offer is water savings, which is a pretty sweet perk given the very serious climate emergency at hand. In fact, MOEN calls it “double the coverage using half the water” (when compared to a standard 8-inch MOEN showerhead). I don’t want to say it’s the Tesla of showerheads because that phrase feels a bit played out, but it’s one hundred percent the Tesla of showerheads.

Shop now: Nebia by Moen Rainshower, $380

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