7 Inclusive Audio Erotica Apps and Platforms That Promise To Be a Pleasureful Listen


You know that sad feeling you have upon finishing a great book, movie, or TV show binge, when you wish you could start over and rediscover it with a fresh mind? That’s how I feel about audio erotica apps and platforms. If you’re dubious about the concept for whatever reason—like if you regularly lean on visual pornography to get things rocking—trust that the pleasure potential delivers. I tend to find that the wonderful world of audio erotica apps and platforms allow the user to gloriously fill in the blank spaces as they see fit, making for a fantasy in your ears.

Even more glorious is that many audio erotica apps and platforms are helmed by women who keep pleasure and sexual well-being at the crux of their mission to make content by creators of all backgrounds and identities inclusive and accessible. And, to be frank, the sexy voices featured certainly help.

So to get you started on navigating the world of audio erotica apps and platforms, check out the following suggestions that will make you want to press play immediately.

Below find 7 audio erotica apps and platforms that’ll really be your pleasure to listen to.

1. Dipsea

Dispea is an erotic storytelling platform that lets people pick their pleasure. With pairings like Her + Him, Her + Her, Them + Them, all identities are welcomed and celebrated, to titillating effect. It also offers a dedicated wellness section, complete with helpful how-to information and guided fantasies.

2. &Jane

If you’re someone who values authenticity in and out of (but especially in) the bedroom, you’re going to love &Jane. The just-launched audio erotica platform features a variety of storytellers sharing their personal experiences on a week-to-week basis. Furthermore, every subscription to &Jane includes a donation to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, which is dedicated to affirming and protecting sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

3. Quinn

If dirty talk is a turn-on for you, I cannot recommend Quinn strongly enough. Most of the stories have a very concrete role-play feel. But, a word of warning on the user-experience front: The clips don’t always instantly play when you hit play, so perhaps try a different option if you’re feeling super-urgent in your quest for pleasure.

4. Ferly

Ferly is a sexual-education platform that promotes more mindful and relaxed sexual experiences: Intimacy journaling is encouraged, an “explore” page offers a bevy of sexual wellness lessons, and the whole vibe really just asks you to slow down and enjoy the ride. That includes a quick-and-dirty stories section to warm you up. I consider Ferly a solid starter app if you’re still getting used to owning your sexuality.

5. Kampsite

Kampsite is a kind of a companion to &Jane; it follows the same storytelling format relaying authentic experiences, but the focal point is on the experiences of gay men. Both platforms welcome listeners of all genders identities and sexual preferences.

6. Emjoy

Emjoy is an audio-guided sexual-wellness app, with multi-session lessons focused on things like partner play and asking for what you want. And, yep, it offers a side dish of audio erotica for when you want to give yourself a gold star on a through-the-roof orgasm.

7. Aural Honey

Aural Honey is a kink-friendly audio erotica platform focused on fantasies. It includes a supernatural section for those who have fantasies involving vampires, angels, and the like.

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