‘A little bit of hope and support’


Horns honking. Cow bells ringing. And a group of masked supporters with signs and posters in hand.

The Spectrum Health Information Services team gathered to show support for their frontline teammates by spending their lunch hour on the sidewalk outside Spectrum Health hospitals to lift spirits and offer encouragement.

“It’s been a long year,” said Ron Bussa, director of the Spectrum Health Project Management Office. “These clinical teams have been working very hard for well over a year now. It’s hard to stay positive right now, so we’re here to give them a little bit of hope and support.”

Jason Joseph, Spectrum Health chief information officer, sent out a note this week encouraging his teams to spend an hour on the sidewalks at the nearest Spectrum Health hospital to raise spirits and show support. And that’s exactly what they did.

Handwritten signs included uplifting messages such as: “Thank you health care workers!” and “Thank you for all you do!” Team members brought their children and dogs. And even well-known character Gumby stopped by with sign in hand.

Patients and team members could be seen from the windows above looking down and smiling on the crowd that gathered—socially distanced, of course—in support of their hospital colleagues.

Sharon Vriend-Robinette, senior communications specialist with the information services team, joined in to share her appreciation.

“We wanted to express sincere appreciation to the clinical staff at Spectrum Health for keeping the community and our families safe this year,” she said. “This team has done an amazing job supporting us through this pandemic.”

Greg Snow, director of information services, echoed her remarks.

“With the surge going on right now, we feel that our clinical staff is just worn out,” he said. “We felt like, as a part of this organization, it was our job to show support and raise spirits.”

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