How Much Is Crossfit & Is It Worth $100’s?

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Whether this is something you’re seriously considering or you are just curious. You’ve already asked yourself, “How much is Crossfit?” CrossFit has become increasingly popular in recent years, boxes (what CrossFit call their gyms) can be seen popping up everywhere. Even though you probably don’t do CrossFit yourself, you definitely know someone who does, and you undoubtedly noticed a box or two on your travels.

You are probably already aware that cost is significantly more than the standard gym membership. That will constitute a significant investment If you aren’t sure you certainly are right to question whether it’s worth it or not? Here are some essential facts that you should know that would help explain the cost of CrossFit.

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How much is Crossfit? – FACT #1: All CrossFit’s are not created equal

Cost of a CrossFit membership can vary greatly depending on your location, but on average, you would likely pay at least $150 a month for membership.

This can move upwards towards 250 to $300 a month if you’re working out in the downtown area of a city such as New York or Chicago. Join a box closer to the suburbs of a larger town or city, and the price drops below $200 a month. Joining a more regional Box of an area such as Upstate New York prices will be lower again.

The average cost of a box membership is dependent on your location—anything from $150 to $300 a month. The best approach is to call as many local boxes in your area and compare the average cost.

How much is Crossfit? – FACT #2: Ownership costs are much higher

CrossFit boxes are run on a different model to the majority of traditional gyms. They are not run as a franchise they are affiliates. This means that the owner of a CrossFit Box pays something in the region of $3,000 a month for their affiliate membership to CrossFit mother company. All additional costs of running the business are covered by themselves. They have to pay for the equipment and its maintenance, the price of the location, as well as the coaches and their training. This constitutes a significant investment. As a CrossFit owner, you’re not investing just in your premises; you’re investing in your people. Finding the best talent doesn’t come cheap.

How much is Crossfit? – FACT #3: This investment is transferred directly to its members

If you join a CrossFit box, you will receive far fewer options when compared to a traditional gym they’ll be no pool, no classes, and certainly less equipment. If you’re looking for a fancy locker room, steam room, or sauna, you had better look elsewhere. CrossFit boxes are designed for their in-depth training programs to be as successful as possible.

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As said earlier, the significant investment is in people, the trainers, and coaches. As a CrossFit coach, you are trained to do everything in your power to get the best out of every member. When you go to the box, don’t expect to go for a leisurely 30-minute stroll on a treadmill and exit the box unnoticed. Instead, your coach will want to know how your week is going, how you are feeling, how the training regime is going? Talk about your progress and much much more. You’ll be invited to take part in group workouts, be actively supported and encouraged, and even receive one-to-one training. If you stick with this results are virtually guaranteed!

How much is Crossfit? – FACT #4: Crossfit is about training, not exercise

CrossFit is not a traditional gym. It isn’t set up for exercise. It is designed with training in mind. It’s all goal-orientated, and it’s not about just getting a workout. Every workout is about attaining constant improvement. The end goal is for you to be in a different place from where you began. This is what CrossFit members invest their money and time in.

What to expect for your money?

When you join a CrossFit box, you can expect the following:

Dedicated one-to-one attention from a coach. Who will stay with you until you are comfortable and know precisely what you’re doing. Work with you in setting realistic goals, and work with you to keep you on track. “How much is Crossfit?” is a question you’ll be asking least, it’s more about, “How much is Crossfit worth to me?”

You’ll have the benefit of training as a group. This helps motivate you and build friendships with like-minded people. This is what makes CrossFit different, and its members appear to want to hang out there. It’s as much a social outlet as an excuse to workout.

You simply cannot argue with the impact CrossFit has had on his members, those who take it seriously have experienced serious changes.

When you ask, How much is CrossFit? Nobody is going to tell you this a box membership is cheap. It is significantly more expensive than a traditional gym. You need to think of it as an investment. But if you’re committed and you are looking for results, you will undoubtedly earn a return on your investment.

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