I’m an Akashic Records Reader, and Here’s What To Expect During a Reading With Me


When I first heard about the Akashic Records, my interest was immediately piqued. Mention of the Akashic Records dates back as early as the 19th century, but specific information available about the text—said to contain details of each person’s past, present, and future—is very limited. So being the skeptic that I am, I sought more answers: What are the Akashic Records, really? Are they a tangible record I can read? How do I access them?

Below, Krista Rauschenberg, certified Akashic Records reader and breathwork specialist, shares more information about what the Akashic Records are, how we can use them to live in alignment with our potential, and even heal past trauma.

Well+Good: Let’s cover the basics first—what are the Akashic Records, exactly?

Krista Rauschenberg: The Akashic Records are an [energetic] library of information that contain the details of your soul and its journey. They span through past lives, present incarnations, and future possibilities.

Wow—I’m officially intrigued. So how do you access or “read” this library of information?

I recite a very specific and intentional prayer that creates an energetic pathway into the Akashic Records. Each line of the prayer gently lifts the energy higher, which opens the channel. You can actually feel it happening. Some of my more sensitive clients feel it very strongly, and their energy changes before my eyes.

What type of information can you find in the Akashic Records?

While in the Records, I can perceive the potential of the person I am reading. The person being read then resonates to this higher frequency and becomes aware of his or her possibilities by adhering to this quickened vibrational level.

So many of us have [shades] on that don’t give us a full perspective of our choices and behaviors. These blinders may have been useful at some point in our lives to thrive or survive but, as much as they helped us at one point, they may be hindering us now.

Having an Akashic Records reading can gently and lovingly remove these [shades] and remind you of your soul-level truth, who you really are—not who you became due to familiar and or societal pressure.

Having an Akashic Records reading can gently and lovingly remove these [shades] and remind you of your soul-level truth, who you really are—not who you became due to familiar and or societal pressure. This connection and the information that comes through can be incredibly insightful and liberating.

It sounds like a form of therapy we could all use right now. Can anyone open the Records? Is there a specific training involved?

With the proper training, yes [anyone can], although I cannot account for their ability to understand and interpret them. I went through extensive training to obtain an advanced certification. In addition, I gained certifications in Healing Through the Akashic Records, Akashic Soul Path Work and Akashic Manifestation Path Work.

After receiving this training, I expanded my education into several different realms of energy healing including Akashic Breathwork, Sound Healing Therapy, and Essential Oil Therapies.

Are some people’s Akashic Records easier to open than others?

They are, just like having a conversation with some people is easier than with others. Usually it depends on how open and familiar someone is with his or her own energy. When they are shut off to [Akashic Records], it may take me more time to find and repair that connection.

How does one prepare for an Akashic Records reading and show up as open as possible?

Understanding what you hope to learn [from the Records] is always helpful. Come with your questions but also be willing to take the ride of what the Records would like to share with you. It helps to be in a calm and quiet space wherein you can truly focus.

What types of questions are best to ask?

[People ask about] all aspects of life—from business, career, health, family and parenting, to speaking with loved ones who have crossed over. It really depends on where the client is in their life and what clarity they are seeking. I’ve never had an occasion wherein I asked something and didn’t get a deep, meaningful (and sometimes surprising) response.

How can the Akashic Records help heal physical or emotional trauma?

That’s a great question, and a big part of my practice. Early on, I saw how within a reading, we were able to bring to light, on an intellectual level, the deep wounding that needed to be acknowledged in order to be healed. But this wasn’t addressing the energetic trauma store in our body.

Energetic trauma stored in our bodies doesn’t respond to thought in that we can’t think it away. It responds to breath, touch, and play. Breathwork can activate the natural healing process within, and I was guided to combine breathwork with the Akashic Records [in my work]. There are so many wonderful and effective forms of healing energetic trauma. I advise everyone to explore and find the ones that are right for them. Everyone deserves to be happy and whole.

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