One-Pan Perfection: Warm Cauliflower Salad With Spiced Chickpeas


Minimal effort, maximum health benefits – the hallmarks of our ideal weeknight meal. This quickie one-pan recipe from certified wellness expert and bestselling author, Robyn Youkilis, is an ideal blend of flavor and gut-friendliness.  Discover why this pro prefers her salads on the steamy side, then grab this warm cauliflower salad recipe from her coaching guide slash cookbook, Thin from Within: The Go with Your Gut Way to Lose Weight

From an ayurvedic perspective, raw foods are cold, dry, light and rough. Consuming too much of these foods can strain our digestive fire, particularly for those who have weak digestion. This can lead to poor nutrient absorption, bloating and discomfort. Enter: the warm salad! It’s an easy way to make your salad more gut-friendly and is especially enjoyable during colder months. [olists num=1]

Get more of Robyn’s tips for intuitive gut health inside this savvy guide.

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