President Biden’s First Hundred Days Are Astrologically Influenced by 3 Planets—Here’s What To Expect


The first hundred days of a new president’s administration is often considered to be a forecasting tool for the politician’s success in office. And though I can’t predict what we, as a nation, can specifically expect from President Joe Biden, I can call upon astrology to help point out telling transits and planetary influences. And in looking into the astrology of the first hundred days of President Biden’s term, I see that three planets in particular will play an important role.

Before we go ahead, though, let’s briefly go back in time. The significance of the first hundred days dates back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration (to which Biden’s presidency inspiration has already been compared). In 1933, FDR began his term with nearly a quarter of Amercians unemployed and living in economic turmoil resulting from the Great Depression. Within his first hundred days, though, his administration passed 15 bills under the New Deal through Congress, and fortified the country’s agricultural and financial institutions.

Now, Biden’s administration likewise begins on shaky ground amid rising rates of death from the pandemic and a polarized electorate in need of healing, empathy, and learning. When considering the astrology of his first hundred days in office, three planets are key to consider: Saturn, Mars, and Mercury. Below, learn what to expect from each.


The connections between 1933 and 2021 are clear, and now that we understand the present and the past, the astrology of the first hundred days can largely be contextualized by Saturn, which rules government, structure, and responsibilities. Currently, Saturn is transiting Aquarius, which happens about every 29 years. Compellingly, in 1933, Saturn was also in Aquarius, where it remained until 1935.

With Saturn re-entering humanitarian Aquarius during Biden’s first hundred days and beyond, the administration is astrologically backed by the transformative energy that was available during the first hundred days of FDR’s term.

With Saturn re-entering humanitarian Aquarius during Biden’s first hundred days and beyond, the administration is astrologically backed by the transformative energy that was available during the first hundred days of FDR’s term. Aquarius, as a fixed (committed) air (intelligence) sign, provides a devotion towards implementing innovative progressive solutions to complicated modern problems. The current administration has made its related immediate two-fold agenda clear: Stop the spread of COVID-19 and deliver immediate economic assistance to those who need it.

In studying FDR’s model, it’s my hope that Biden will apply a fireside-chats-style approach in his communication strategies, like Aquarius sun sign FDR did from 1933 to 1945. It allowed for looping in the American people to policies, information, and intelligence amid intense uncertainty and anticipatory grief.


Another key planet to discuss regarding the astrology of the first hundred days is Mars. Mars entered grounding Taurus just hours after the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, and will remain there until March 4th. In the days that followed the storming, Mars in Taurus spoke to the practical desires the American people wanted: accountability and stability.

On day one of his presidency, Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accord and World Health Organization, providing relief for citizens who rely on evidence-based information. Relatedly, Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is scheduled to begin the week of February 8th, and the desired outcome of unity can be one step closer as we first hold Trump and extremists involved in the Capitol storming accountable for their crimes.

Then, come March 6th, when Mars enters Gemini, I forecast specific applications of the administration’s stimulus plan to be be set into motion to provide relief to marginalized communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic.


Finally, with Mercury going retrograde in Aquarius on January 30th, where it’ll remain through February 20th, I anticipate continued efforts through executive orders on financial regulation, immigration, environmental issues, and worker’s rights. Mercury retrograde’s influence on the first hundred days provides the opportunity to both identify and clean up the mess from the past and start again with Aquarius wisdom.

Every planet plays a key role in telling the story of the astrological transits; yet Mercury, Mars, and Saturn will illuminate the first hundred days of President Biden’s administration. Hopefully the effect will be big, visionary solutions to enduring problems.

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