Reminder: Progress Is Better Than Perfection According to This Fit Pro


It’s been a long year. For a few (perhaps thanks to a new Peleton or a non-existent commute), fitness goals have been easier to reach than ever before, but for most of us staying fit has proved to be a greater challenge. If 2020 messed with your fitness routine or squelched your motivation altogether, take a beat and get inspired with L.A.-based trainer, author of Strong Is the New Skinny, and mother of two, Jennifer Cohen…

I practice what I preach: “Progress is better than perfection.” Why? Because perfection doesn’t exist, and hard work takes courage. This is the philosophy I use to train, write, and parent. Regardless of the venture, getting started requires just one thing: willingness.

The secret to success lies in all of us. No matter the goal, having the right mindset and supporting your body’s energy can only bring out the best in all of us. 

On Exercise: don’t force yourself through workouts you hate

You don’t have to be a fitness junkie to get active. Fitness can take every shape imaginable: walking, yoga, paddle boarding, even dancing around your room. So don’t force yourself through workouts you hate. Start with a workout you genuinely enjoy — you’re much more likely to commit long term and see progress.

Keep simple goals. Blanket promises like “I’m going to start going to the gym five days a week” may be unrealistic. Consistency is what truly boosts progress. Start with a modest goal like walking two miles a day or lifting twice a week. See if you can stick to it for a month, and then up your game. Focus on gradual improvement. Sustainable goals set you up for success.

Ready to move? Try this HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routine. It’s an easy commitment: only 10 minutes and can be done anywhere. Perform each move for 20 seconds, trying to get as many reps in as you can, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Do two full sets of each exercise before moving on to the next.

On Entrepreneurship: become more comfortable with failure

Building a brand and a business takes willingness too. It requires overcoming the root of failure: self-doubt. Doubt inhibits change and growth. It’s why we don’t take action. Fortunately, anyone can overcome self-doubt with the “10% Mindset.”

The philosophy of the 10% Mindset is simple. Make 10 attempts to achieve every personal goal. This practice helps you become comfortable with failure. If you make 10 attempts at anything, you will be successful at least once. You can train your body to be strong, so why not train your brain to be bold?

On Energy: Feed your cells

Energy is essential in both exercise and entrepreneurship. Working out, running a business, and being a mom are simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting. For long-lasting success, I prioritize sustained energy over quick boosts from stimulants. In order to obtain sustained energy without the crash, you need to consider cellular energy. It powers all of your movements. Walking, eating, even breathing are the result of trillions of cells working together.

When you’re young, cells have a bounty of cellular resources at their disposal. One molecule, NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), is particularly useful for sustained energy.

NAD+ is a resource called a coenzyme, meaning it works with enzymes in your body to support biological functions. Mitochondria (your cellular powerhouses) use NAD+ to help convert food into the energy that powers everything you do. NAD+ levels decline with age, and due to metabolic stressors like alcohol consumption, sleep disturbance, and overeating. Maintaining a healthy supply of NAD+ supports healthy aging and healthy muscles.

Natural ways to boost NAD+ include proper nutrition and rest. Certain foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and lean protein provide unique energetic value to your body. Sleep is also essential. Rest relieves stress and sustains energy at the cellular level. Invest in black-out curtains, and put the phone away one hour before bed.

The most efficient way to boost NAD+ levels is through supplementation. My favorite NAD booster is Tru Niagen®. It is a unique form of vitamin B3 that is clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels. Its sole active ingredient, Niagen®, is backed by 11 clinical studies and Nobel Prize winning scientists worldwide.

Pursue progress, not perfection. 

Success has never been about perfection. It’s about boldness and courage. Finding a fitness routine that works for you, employing the “10% Mindset”, and supporting sustained energy levels keeps you on track to meet your goals. Celebrate your accomplishments along the way — nothing can take them away from you.

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