The First Full Moon of the Astrological New Year Empowers You To Act Boldly—Here’s What To Expect For Your Sign


The start of Aries season not only marks the beginning of spring with the equinox—when our environment comes back to life and warmth is restored in the northern hemisphere—but since it’s also the first sign of the zodiac, it also ushers in an astrological new year. The time represents the fiery spark of new life and on March 28th, at 6:48 p.m., ET, we will experience the first full moon of this new astrological cycle in the relationship-oriented sign Libra, opposite of Aries. Also known as the full worm moon, this lunar event empowers us to understand our individual needs in relation to the desires of others.

A full moon occurs when the moon is opposite of and reflects the light from the sun. In this case, the Libra moon forms an opposition with the Aries sun. The Aries sun forms close connections with Venus and Chiron, pushing us to acknowledge personal wounds and what has been holding us back in misaligned relationships. The moon and sun are also sending harmonious energy to Saturn in Aquarius and the karmic north and south nodes. This planetary alignment activates the fire within your own life to move forward with decisions that resonate with you and no one else. Independence is the name of the game, and the full moon in Libra of 2021 is shining its light on what we must shift—whether it’s personal, family, business, or romantic relationships.

This time is shining a light on what has been holding us back personally, which may not be the most comfortable feeling, as most tend to choose safety or what they’ve grown accustomed to. This is a time to be realistic with who you are as an individual and not settling for less than exactly that. It’s important to practice spiritual self care to help heal and to elevate your energy in order to manifest the best outcome for yourself. It’s time to put yourself first.

Below, learn how to best heal and move through the transformative energy of the full moon in Libra of 2021. Read for your sun, moon, and rising signs to get a holistic view ahead of what you can expect. (Don’t know your signs? Run your birth chart using and online generator, like this one.)

Check out what the full moon in Libra of 2021 means for your sign—and the best way for you to practice self care during the event.


The full moon is affecting you directly, as the sun is fiery hot in your sign. As a cardinal fire sign, you naturally tend to choose yourself first, but this super power has been held back for some time. This full moon in Libra of 2021 is bringing up areas of your work or personal relationships that are no longer a fit for you. It’s time for you to decide what’s right for you alone and to move in that direction.

Your full moon self-care tip: Meditation is an excellent way to not only reconnect back to your body, but also provide clarity of thought in order to have a better understanding of what shifts are necessary to make in your own life. During the full moon, take time in a comfortable space and meditate to clear your mind. This allows you to look within to yourself for the answers. For an added bonus, lighting cinnamon incense during your practice can help evoke the fire within you.


Your day-to-day work life and routine can shift around this time as a result of you standing up for yourself and your needs. You could realize that a work-life balance is more important than the daily grind that compromises your well-being. Work to honor your limits, and take a break to restore your energy.

Your full moon self-care tip: As the sign invoking self-worth and abundance, self care can give you a major boost and also is a powerful act of self-love. Take time for a warm bath with your favorite face mask, a hot detoxing tea, and a nap. Choose yourself first, and the universe will choose you, too.


Friendships, your network, social media, and your self-expression are in the energetic spotlight for you. Where have you compromised your creativity for the comfort of others? The full moon is making you aware of the limitations you allow others to place on you so that you can release them. Start this new zodiac cycle with an independent foot forward and own your voice.

Your full moon self-care tip: As a communication-oriented sign, scripting can be very cathartic for you. Scripting is a metaphysical practice where you craft your desired reality through journaling and writing it down in first person, as if it is happening now. Take time during the full moon in Libra of 2021 to write down your vision for the future. To make this even more potent, meditate on the energy of it happening now to help bring it into existence.


Your professional life is on fire, and you are taking charge. You may reclaim your independence in a work situation and choose what’s fair for yourself emotionally. This could happen by moving toward a new work situation or starting to speak your truth in your own respective career path. Given that the moon is your ruling planet, it can activate your energy to help you charge ahead professionally.

Your full moon self-care tip: Having a clear vision for your goals can be powerful for you at this time. Consider making a vision board, using a blank poster and magazines clips, or simply print images out and create a visual collage during the energy of the full moon. Hang it where it is visible in your home, and watch each facet come to life.


Lion, you are an eternal teacher, whether it’s intentional or not. This full moon in Libra is highlighting your communication skills, beliefs, and encouraging you to share or grow your wisdom with others. You may feel prompted to teach a course or receive the opportunity to publicly speak. Traveling or working with others from a different country may be on your mind as well.

Your full moon self-care tip: Breathwork is a fantastic way to release limiting beliefs and heal stress. Under the light of this full moon, tap into your spirit for grounding by practicing a breathwork exercise. This practice not only provides relief but clarity of thought and confidence.


Reasserting your boundaries in terms of shared resources within a marriage, debts, taxes, finances, and investments are the theme for you during the full moon, Virgo. You may finally settle on outstanding financial agreements or on a specific investment you’ve made. This will require you to find your personal power to receive what you’re worth.

Your full moon self-care tip: Find your own power and fire within yourself with physical activity. You love to take care of your well-being, and getting active can rev up your energy and leave you feeling ready to take on any negotiation. Doing a yoga session can be meditative while also providing a moment for you to honor yourself first.

Looking for yoga inspo? Try this 20-minute flow that’ll help you find balance—literally.


As the balanced and harmony-loving sign of the zodiac, it can feel challenging for you to not think of the other person in a work, love, or personal relationship. The full moon is in your sign and shining a light on the ways in which you don’t choose yourself first. The universe is highlighting how you can empower yourself, so allow yourself to guide your way.

Your full moon self-care tip: Creating manifestation lists is similar to scripting, but allows you to narrow down what you want or don’t when it comes to your relationships. Clarity on this can help you decide what should stay or go. Simply choose a particular relationship dynamic that is currently in question, then divide a sheet of paper into two columns, with one being “want” and the other “don’t want.” In each, write down what truly resonates with you for clarity.


Your work and health is under the lunar spotlight, asking for you to identify what is no longer in alignment or balanced for you. Perhaps this could be due to conflict or matters regarding your work life and how it affects your well-being. Choose what’s right for you, and reassert it under the fire of this intense Libra full moon.

Your full moon self-care tip: Taking time to get out into nature can be healing and soothing for you at this time. Perhaps a healthy walk in fresh air in a park, beach, or forest hike can provide clarity of thought. This also can help boost your mood, as you work through the important decisions ahead of you.


A creative project or new romantic opportunity could come from a social network or people you know. This can show you what motivates you in a work collaboration or with a significant other. The full moon is illuminating where you haven’t been upfront with yourself in terms of what fulfills you. Communicating your true needs is a start, even if others don’t accept it.

Your full moon self-care tip: Tap into your inner child for inspiration during this full moon. Even if you aren’t an artist, drawing, an adult coloring book or even finger painting can provide inspiration. When you can release self-judgment and embrace creative inspiration, the innovative ideas have room to flow in.


The full moon is illuminating your life path and pushing you to take a powerful leap forward emotionally towards the direction of your goals. You can feel steadfast in your work and where you see your career going at this time. As your schedule fills up, though, emotional matters of the home are calling for your attention, too. It’s important to honor your commitments, but also your private world.

Your full moon self-care tip: Feelings of overwhelms can occur, so taking time to meditate may be effective spiritual self care. Create a relaxing atmosphere where you can be alone during the full moon, light lavender incense for relaxation and energy-cleansing during your practice. Take time to reconnect with your physical body and honor yourself to recuperate your energy.


If you have been working on a new creative idea or vision, you may finally launch it, or a new and aligned opportunity could become the focus of your vision during this full moon. Your higher vision, self-expression, and unique personality are all being activated today and the cosmos are encouraging you to use your most authentic voice. Don’t hold back, and embrace yourself as the most unique sign of the zodiac.

Your full moon self-care tip: Try mirror work, which is a spiritual practice to empower yourself and boost self-acceptance. Take time during the full moon to write down 10 affirmations about yourself. Look in the mirror and say these affirmations out loud.


Prepare to reclaim your time and your self-worth under the light of this full moon. It’s occurring in your earned income and money house, pushing you to evaluate whether or not you are being properly compensated. This may prompt you to have the important discussion in your professional life, and make a decision based on this. Choose yourself—you are worth it.

Your full moon self-care tip: Self-worth is tied to the energetic exchange of money. Use the empowering energy of this full moon and take inventory of your income, finances, and money. Journaling your emotions towards this can be cathartic and also telling of the next action you must take towards feeling fulfilled. Use a moment alone during the full moon to do this.

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