This 25-Minute Lower-Body Resistance Band Workout Hits Every Hard-To-Reach Muscle


The nice thing about working your lower body is that you don’t need much to build up your strength. Even a few rounds of squats sets your glutes and quads on fire. Anytime you feel like turning things up a notch beyond using your own bodyweight, though, you can always depend on a resistance band to get the job done.

In the latest episode of Good Moves, trainer Maxine Goynes of MG Method went through a series of exercises that work every angle of your lower half. And you only need to devote 25 minutes of your day to reap the benefits. While this workout involves using a resistance band, no worries if you don’t have one available to you. “Even if you don’t have bands, that’s okay,” she says. “This workout is still effective.”

During the lower body resistance band workout, Goynes goes through numerous exercises that will put your strength to the test. While moves like inchworms, side lunges, and clamshells already make you sweat on their own, using a resistance band while doing them makes them that much harder. And even though the workout is lower body-focused, Goynes sneakily includes the upper body as well. During a series of lunges and squats, for instance, the resistance band is looped around your wrists, building up your arm and back muscles while working on your glutes.

This workout is tough, and all of the exercises are nothing short of a challenge. But by the time you get to the sweat-inducing press jacks finisher—with plenty of motivational encouragement from Goynes, of course!—you better believe you’ll be feeling the burn on a whole new level.

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