This Anti-Inflammatory Sunscreen Is As Soothing as an Aloe vera Mask and an SPF in One


It is skin-care canon that wearing sunscreen every day is incredibly important. Easy enough in theory, but in practice, finding an SPF that you actually like to slather on your face can feel a bit like a Goldilocks-style task. (This one’s too sticky, this one’s too chalky, this one smells like the time I was Instagram-stalking my ex’s wife and accidentally liked a photo from three years ago, etc.) If you’re looking for something that will protect your complexion from UV damage while also calming inflammation in your skin, we found one that’s just right in the form of Coola Mineral Face SPF30 Matte Cucumber Lotion ($41)

The formula is neither greasy nor tacky nor chalky—instead, it’s lightweight and feels more like a lotion than a sunscreen. It absorbs quickly into skin, and helps reduce shine without being drying. It’s a mineral sunscreen, which means it uses ingredients like zinc and titanium dioxide to form a physical barrier on your skin to deflect the sun’s harmful rays. Mineral sunscreens also protect against damage from other light sources, like the blue light from your computer, which means this one is a great pick even on days when you aren’t heading outside. And while many face sunscreens are notorious for effing up any makeup you put on over them, this one wears almost like a primer—foundation blends over it easily, and won’t turn patchy or goopy in the process.

Ease of use aside, what really makes this sunscreen stand out is the fact that it’s made with cucumber extract, giving it both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Antioxidants help fend off free radicals (aka the skin-damaging molecules that come from environmental aggressors, like the sun and pollution), which can cause discoloration, sun spots, and fine lines. By using a sunscreen that’s rich in antioxidants, like this one, you’ll be able to prevent some of these issues before they even start.  Plus, since the formula has an anti-inflammatory element in the mix, it can also help to soothe angry skin and combat inflammatory acne. With so many benefits packed into a single bottle, this stuff will make remembering to wear SPF every day feel like a no-brainer.

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