This Fast-And-Dirty Workout Gives Your Booty a Deep, Deep Burn


All booties are beautiful, truly. Still, glutes-specific exercises feel juicy in a good way, and I love doing them. Plus, strengthening your glutes actually helps to stabilize your pelvis, support your lower back, protect your knee joints, and improve your overall athletic performance. All of this and more is reason enough to rotate the latest episode of Well+Good’s YouTube series Good Moves into your routine; it features a quick quad and glutes workout designed and demonstrated by trainer Liv McIlkenny that’ll fire you up in just 13 minutes.

Though you may not think about your quads as much as you do your butt, they are equally important to strengthen and maintain for many of the same reasons. They help to stabilize the knee joints, and make everyday movements easier while also improving performance on more athletic activities, like running. This fast-and-dirty set offers a 2-for-1 on firing them up alongside your glutes simultaneously for best results (and time efficiency).

The no-equipment workout, which can be done anywhere there’s enough space for your body, consists of two different series. Each features a set of six moves, which are repeated in sequence three times. Predictably, the routine is heavy on squat and glute bridge variations, both of which will burn you out in the best way. It’s the perfect set for when you have just 15 minutes to spare for a sweat sesh, or to add on to other Good Moves routines working different muscle groups for a more holistic, substantial workout.

Personally, I’ll be thinking about my hot plumber throughout the pelvic thrust—I mean, glute bridge—portion of the program, but you can use whatever motivation gets you through the burn.

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