This Is the Product To Help You Embrace the Beauty of Your Gray Hair


Baking banana bread and binge watching Bridgerton were among some of the most popular pandemic activities. And apparently, so was dying gray hair. During the pandemic, the average American woman felt that she had aged four years, according to a survey conducted by Garnier. For some, gray hair serves as a not so friendly reminder of aging, but it’s a natural process that’s easily embraced with the right beauty products.

“A person develops gray hair when the body ceases producing melanin, the pigment which dyes hair,” says Nikki Goddard, a certified hairstylist based in San Jose, California. When a person ages, tyrosinase (the enzyme responsible for melanin synthesis) dies and decomposes.

Back in the day, I watched my mom whip out the hair dye, developer, and peroxide to cover up my grandmother’s silver strands. My grandma saw her gray hair as “not beautiful” or “unfavorable.” I don’t blame her, gray hair has become heavily stigmatized. But times are changing. Gray hair is not something to be ashamed of. Instead of covering up, there are ways to embrace the beauty of gray hair right from the comfort of your own home.

Products are one way you can help your hair’s appearance shine while reducing harsh tones. The best gray hair products help you to uncover your most confident self.

Best beauty products for gray hair

1. Redken Color Extend Graydiant Purple Shampoo, $23

best products grey hair
Photo: Ulta

Show your gray hair some love by applying this “graydiant” shampoo. Lather it all over your scalp and hair to brighten and get rid of brassy tones. The result? A more healthy appearance.

Shop now: Redken Color Extend Graydiant Purple Shampoo, $23

2. Oribe Silverati Shampoo, $46

best products grey hair
Photo: ORIBE

This shampoo is your one-stop-shop for your gray hair needs. The formula brightens gray hair while improving elasticity. It will also undo dullness and illuminate vibrant hair. Lather, indulge, and rinse.

Shop now: Oribe Silverati Shampoo, $46

3. Nanogen Keratin Thickening Hair Fibres, $33

best products hair care
Photo: All Beauty

This product is keratin supplement works to improve the appearance of your gray hair. It takes just 30 seconds after application to add volume and thickness to your hair.

Shop now: Nanogen Keratin Thickening Hair Fibres, $33

4. Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Daily Conditioner, $23

best products grey hair
Photo: Beauty Bay

Beat discoloration and brighten each stand with a conditioner infused with wheat protein. The formula is meant to strengthen your hair and improve gloss and shine.

Shop now: Philip Kingsley Pure Blonde/Silver Daily Conditioner, $23

5. Moisture Love Moisture and Style Cream, $19

best products grey hair
Photo: Moisture Love

This two-in-one moisturizer creates an environment for your gray hair to thrive. The organic aloe vera and hydralure technology helps your hair retain moisture and keeps your grays from dulling.

Shop now: Moisture Love Moisture and Style Cream, $19

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