Tired of Night Sweats? These 6 Linen Sheet Sets Are Here To Save the Day


Warmer weather means many great things, longer days, shorter shorts, an excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, but one less than exciting reality of the spring and summer months is the onset of night sweats. I love sleeping with my window open even in the dead of winter. The chatter of the streets below becomes my white noise machine and the cool breeze makes snuggling under my duvet (and four throw blankets) even cozier. That said, when the aforementioned “cool breeze” turns to more of a muggy, Subway-scented exhale, open windows and cotton bedding become things of the past. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen has been a go-to summer clothing fabric for years because of how light it is, its loosely-woven breathability, and its temperature regulating and sweat-wicking properties, so why not sleep on it too? The fabric feels crisp, doesn’t pill, is hypoallergenic and dirt resistant, and, since flax requires very little irrigation and processing, is eco-friendly to make. If you’re looking for a hygge-approved, cool to the touch, Danish-inspired chic, easy-going option to elevate your bedding for the warmer months, these are the 6 best linen sheet sets to add to your collection. Bonus points because they will get softer with every wash, and wrinkles are part of the cozy #aesthetic.

1. Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set, $269

Brooklinen has earned itself the title of trendiest, most Instagram-worthy, luxury bedding brand. From reusable totes that you can’t miss on your morning commute to towels, blankets, and even loungewear in soft, pastel shades that make them a staple of every apartment tour video, the brand can do it all. This four-piece sheet set offers an understated elegance that is casual, yet cozy.

Shop now: Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set, $269

2. Parachute Linen Venice Set, $359

This signature bedding set is an ode to the brand’s California roots. With one fitted sheet, a set of matching pillowcases, and even a duvet cover, the naturally softened fabric is designed to prevent any nighttime clamminess in its tracks while looking effortless and upscale.

Shop now: Parachute Linen Venice Set, $359

3. The Modern Dane Organic European Linen Fitted Sheets, $129

If you’re not looking for the whole shebang and all you need is one fitted sheet to complete your perfect sleeping situation, this 100 percent organic Belgian, French, and Dutch flax linen fitted sheet is here to save the day. Chemical-free and pre-washed for ultimate comfort, The Modern Dane serves hygge that you can trust.

Shop now: The Modern Dane Organic European Linen Fitted Sheets, $129

4. Buffy Soft Hemp Linen Sheets, $249

For the most earth-friendly, durable option, Buffy has created hemp linen sheets that offer the same breathability as their flax alternatives. Hemp absorbs 5x more CO2 from the air than trees, and the plant’s extra-long roots improve soil quality over time. Reviewers even say that calling them the “softest sheets is an understatement.”

Shop now: Buffy Soft Hemp Linen Sheets, $249

5. The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set, $230

With 12 different colors and patterns, these soft, sustainable, French linen sheets are made to look stylish and to last for a long time. Stonewashed, so that they feel like you’ve already worn them in, they are the perfect mix of breathable and sweat-wicking while being so soft that it will be even harder to get out of your cozy cocoon.

Shop now: The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set, $230

6. Bed Threads Terracotta Flax Linen Sheet Set, $210

Don’t want a duvet? The type to banish the blanket in the middle of the night? Quilt quitter? These sheets are made to multi-task. The top sheet is weighty enough to sleep under without needing another cover. The sheets are high-quality, soft, and made with hot sleepers in mind.

Shop now: Bed Threads Terracotta Flax Linen Sheet Set, $210

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