Watch This – A Gua Sha Routine For Breast Health


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we’re sharing all sorts of resources to maximize your health and prevent disease. The ancient practice of gua sha is low tech, high vibe and gives us all the feels.

Gua sha facials have transformed our morning routine and now, the ladies behind Wildling are taking that transformation head-to-toe. Watch as Wildling co-founder, Gianna De La Torre walks us through a meaningful routine for breast health their new body products, The Aura Collection

Wildling has just launched a body collection that is perfect for detoxifying breast tissue by promoting lymphatic flow. This practice will be done on bare breasts, though that is not how we demonstrate in this video for obvious reasons. Work around the nipples, as they are sensitive.

1. Dry brush with the Aura Sweeper – Sweep around each breast and toward the armpits.

2. Massage the Aura Activator and Aura Oil into the breasts – This is the perfect time for a self-exam, get familiar with your breast tissue by practicing this regularly. The powerful french seaweed active ingredient in the Aura Activator tones the skin, stimulates collagen production, and activates lymphatic flow. The rose pepper, helichrysum, and copaiba in the Aura Oil detoxify, and boost microcirculation..

3. Gua Sha With the Aura Stone – With the U edge, work from the nipple outward in every direction around the breast. Then sweep around the breast toward the armpit. Use the Wacy edge to repeat this sweep around the breast towards the armpit. Pressure should be firm but not painful, work gently over tender breasts.*

*These moves are also great for lactating mothers. For plugged ducts, or engorged breasts, work toward the nipple rather than away from it.

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