The Chalkboard Eats: September Is All About Honey


Hey chalkboarders, one reason that we’re enjoying being at home more (looking for that silver lining!) is that we’re cooking more meals in our own kitchens. Nothing is as soothing and life-giving as cooking as home — except, of course, on those days when it isn’t.

To keep all of our spirits up, and to make the most of the rip-roaring #TheChalkboardEats feed, which is packed with more healthy recipes than we can keep up with on a daily basis, we’ve partnered with Beekeeper’s Naturals and other friends to launch a theme and contest for every month this fall.

While, wellnessy staples like toasts, protein pancakes and everything-but-the-kitchen sink bowls normally dominate the feed, we’re calling on all food bloggers, wellness lovers and healthful at-home cooks to share their favorite and best recipes along this month’s theme…

The September eats theme: All things honey.

How to share + play: We invite you all to share your best and favorite recipes using honey on #thechalkboardeats feed. You can post your images and recipes to Instagram using our hashtag and/or tagging our handle @thechalkboardeats and @thechalkboardmag on Instagram.

Want to submit a honey-based recipe for inclusion in our monthly The Chalkboard Eats story on the site late this month? Send your recipe, high-resolution images (no watermarks please – we’ll link to you in our story), handle or site link and photo credit to Simply use ‘HONEY’ and the name of your recipe in the subject line of your email!

The quality of healthy recipes and great photography in our #thechalkboardeats feed impresses and inspires us every day. Follow the hashtag to get in on the inspiration and read this launch story to learn what The Chalkboard Eats is all about (realistic recipes, healthy ingredients, no panda bear art).

If you’re in need of a new honey stash, Beekeeper’s Naturals is a sustainable option with ridiculously fun products like CBD honey sticks, chocolate

How we’ll share: Throughout the month, we’ll curate a selection of our favorite honey recipes from #thechalkboardeats on our handle, @thechalkboardeats and, at the end of the month, here on the site! Get inspired with these honey buttered biscuits, honeyed sweet potatoes or this apple hot toddy.

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