This Cheese Is Nuts: Smoked Almond Cheddar So Good It’s Spiritual


From cashew camembert to the almond cheddar below, Julie Piatt’s nut-based cheese recipes are a revelation for the milk-averse, a game-changer for anyone trying to wean off the white stuff, and just a really cool idea for the health conscious hostess. Make a batch, serve it up with some crackers and wine, sit back, relax and let the compliments come flooding in.

Julie – AKA Srimati-  is a plant-based chef, mother, yogi and spiritual wellness pro here in LA and married to famed vegan athlete, Rich Roll. We were drawn to Srimati from the start for her profound sense of balance and humility. For a woman who offers spiritual counselling sessions and stands at the core of LA’s wellness scene, she’s also playful enough to name her plant-based cookbook, This Cheese Is Nuts.

If you’ve never tried making this kind of heavenly almond recipe at home, this is your chance to learn from a pro…

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You’ve made yourself some of Srimati’s vegan cheddar – now what?

Learn how to craft the ultimate plant-based cheese platter with these pro tips.

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